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"About Artists" - GZ-MAGAZINE 2022/2023  

About creation and lifestyle

"About Artists". 

Behind every artist, there is a story.  Often the personal history of an artist leads to the motivation or need to embrace an artistic career. This leads many times to an unique  way of working and living not ruled by the mainstream. What all artists have in common is that they want to make a difference in the world and add a special value to their life. 
On the same time it is also a profession and not easy at all to make a living out of it. The value of freedom is the main force to face any social, psychological  or political dilemmas and go forward despite circumstances, always in a search of unexplored ways and solutions to solve the life equation but also feeling the joy of creating and living a vibrant life by being true to oneself. 
In this edition, we choose not only to show the selected artworks, but also to approach the person behind it having a look at his/ hers lifestyle. We would like to inspire you showing the diversity and uniqueness of the life solutions that for some of us could mean the realisation of an utopie and for others their personal scream/ urge keeping them going forwards. 
We hope that this edition will make you feel connected with a variety of creators and their  different choices and solutions no matter background and nationality…